Learning to Walk Like Jesus

Our aim in relationship with God - is to respond to his desire of sharing himself with us.

His desire is simply that we would experience the fullness of his love, purpose and the overall awesomeness of who he is!  Sounds great doesn't it?     

In this process of growing in relationship with him (guided by the Holy Spirit) - WHO He is becomes revealed in and through our lives. This is the fruit of his presence in us, his character.   

This fruit baring journey is the transformational process we're after - more of him - revealed in us.  We never finish this journey - it is a lifetime relationship perfected when we see him face to face.  

Below are some practices we've found helpful (not to mention centuries of followers past!)  in the journey of being transformed - His image - His character, his likeness being fully revealed in us.  This is what we mean when we say "Seeing Jesus formed in People".   

In this ultimately - our desire is that when people see us and see our lives - how we walk and how we live - they see the beauty and wonder of who Jesus is!

Just a few practices

Its a heart issue
Listening - the art of Conversation
Learning the Story
Silence & Solitude
Peace in His Presence
Understanding We're Connected
Revealing the Heart


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