Who We Are

Langley Vineyard a part of a global movement of churches known as "The Vineyard".  

"The Vineyard" movement has its roots in the spiritual renewal  of the "Jesus Movement" of the 70's .   Worshipping God out of intimacy embracing the demonstrative presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives and a desire to do the works of Jesus - not just read about them.  

Langley Vineyard was the first of now many "Vineyard" churches in Canada - beginning in 1984 under the leadership of Gary & Joy Best.   We now have an almost 40 year history of ministry in the downtown core of Langley, of which has changed and grown through many different seasons. We meet as a small, close knit community every Sunday; gathering to worship and grow in intimacy with the God that loves us - seeking to reveal his presence in our lives to the world around us.   

Worshipping God is our passion!  Our desire is to embrace fully his love for us and all that God has for us - the best being relationship with us.   Worship then becomes more about how we live in relationship with God - embracing & expressing his loving presence in our lives.  This encompasses more than just a song or singing - its relationship - intimacy with God - a way of life and how we live in Him and with those around us.   

From our earliest days we have a long history of expressing this all through music & all forms of the arts.  We recognize the depth of intimate worshhip through what God was depositing deep in our DNA through worship leaders such as Brian Doerksen, Andy Park, Daphne Rademanker, Craig Moussou, Chris Janzen and many others; but also through our ministry to the community around us.   All of it draws us into and is reflective of relationship and intimacy with God.  

God's heart and compassion towards the most vulnerable is plainly evident throughout scripture.   Jesus likens our own demonstrative compassion towards those in most need as caring and loving him. (Matthew 25:31-46) This is one of many shaping characteristics of God's heart that has shaped our involvement and ministry within our community.   

Having presence within a community is more than a name - love acts.   Therefore we are a part of several community and social justice initiatives, such as founding the "Langley Food Bank",  and operating our Friendship Centre & Free Store.   We openly embrace the homeless population of Langley serving as a connecting hub working alongside other churches, ministries and community agencies by hosting daily meals, a weekly food bank, and emergency weather sites for example.

As a community, we have weathered a journey throughout the years, certainly not by our own strength or might. As in the life of any community, there are those mountain top experiences, and there are those lonely times experienced in the dark of the valleys. We have learned to embrace all seasons of our lives and experiences because through it all we have come to trust in His deep love and faithfulness towards us. 

We are committed, in joy, to embracing his love for us, seeking Him always - His face and not just his hand, trusting him to fulfill whatever he calls us to in producing lasting fruit for His glory and the glory of His Kingdom.