Christmas at the Vineyard

We love the Season of Christmas - or what many refer to as "Advent" - latin for the word "coming".  More than just the phrase "Christmas is Coming!" Advent is the season we celebrate the coming of Jesus, the son of God - and how he humbled himself as God to become human, born as a babe in Bethlehem.   

This BIG event was the beginning of God's plan to fully express his love to us.  Of course it doesn't stop there - it just keeps getting better. For now - we want to share with you some of how we engage yet again with the story of Christ's coming. We gather, we share, we worship, we lots of Christmas treats included. 

The "Christmas" section on our website just helps collect all our Christmas happenings in one area to help make things easy for people to see and engage with.   Below you'll find our schedule, events, news & initiatives all related to Christmas.   

We hope you're able to join us in some way and if not we pray this Advent season you would experience the fullness of Christ's coming and the presence of His HOPE, JOY, PEACE and LOVE !

Merry Christmas!