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I wanted to leave you with the two pages that summarized what we’re sensing from the Lord that are priorities for us in this next season - so that those of you who weren’t able to be there last week aren’t feeling out of the loop AND that you have some reference to refer back to at a later time.  We’re all individually responding to God’s individual invitations to us in our relationship with Him - but we have a gathered Vision we’re always moving towards as well and we want to do that with a real sense of unity and harmony together as well.   Shalom !


In Brief

Our 2022-23 priorities we still feel we’re of course to continue walking towards them - and want to carry them forward with us into the Fall and 2024 - So we’re after MORE!


Slide 1 - 2022-2023 Priorities

  1. Eyes on Jesus - While always essential for us - we feel felt a particular call to be intentional in our GATHERED focus together.  Our Sunday Themes have centred on the Life of Christ (Cradle to the Cross )- more recently the Ways (or practices) of Jesus -  We still feel this is key for us and our NEXT Sunday Gathering Theme is - Building Block for the Church (The Body of Christ)

  2. Prayer & Worship - Its all about growing in Intimacy, relationship with Him.    Individually and Gathered times.    So, emphasizing prayer & worship.    We’re planning more of the worship evenings and another 24 hour day of prayer as a community

  3. KSS - Keeping Sunday Simple

    Making things easy for us to connect with each other and our times of worshipping God.   More lunches, More attention to making Sunday Gatherings easy - with Tech upgrades, Sound Upgrades, training for people AND KIDS … we want KIDS … so how to prepare.  

  4. ADMIN Stuff - Alot of this is stuff in the background that supports what we see in the forefront.  Website, Schedules, Planning, Team development, other tech stuff.    


Slide 2 - 2023-24 Priorities

  1. INPUT Group - This Group is going to serve our community as a whole by just providing specific input and perspective as we look towards the steps we’re taking in response to the Holy Spirit’s leading.    It is NOT a layer of leadership - its a process of getting regular and specifically focussed input.    

  2. INVOLVE & ENGAGE - This is a CALL to us ALL - to FOLLOW…STEP IN engage.    Our minds and Spirits are not separate from our feet and hands and they need to work in sync. An invitation to look and see where we’re all involved & engaged. More to come!

  3. LEADERSHIP - We’re changing and growing - always.  Our leadership needs to adapt as well.   This is not about people leaving but making space, preparing for the future - recognizing our needs and how to engage others to help lead in that.   This is not something as I mentioned has been done well in the past and we want to improve it so its planning, putting it out there - looking and to start preparing now. More info to come    

  4. STEWARDING RESOURCES - We want to be responsive, faithful, active in growing the KINGDOM.   How do we care for the talents God’s given us Individually and as a community.   Whether its, 1,3, or 5r talents - how are we stewarding it for the KINGDOM.    Giftings, service, our physical assets, money, the facility.